add "A2" A2
add "Blankenberge" Blankenberge
add "Bol Van Heist" Bol Van Heist
add "Kwintebank" Kwintebank
add "Nieuwpoort" Nieuwpoort
add "Oostende Noord" Oostende Noord
add "Oostende poortens" Oostende poortens
add "Ostend current measurement" Ostend current measurement
add "Ostend eastern palisade" Ostend eastern palisade
add "Ostend harbor maregraph" Ostend harbor maregraph
add "Scheur Wielingen" Scheur Wielingen
add "Trapegeer" Trapegeer
add "Wandelaar" Wandelaar
add "Westhinder" Westhinder
add "Zandopvangkade Zeebrugge Haven" Zandopvangkade Zeebrugge Haven
add "Zeebrugge Daminstrumentatie" Zeebrugge Daminstrumentatie
add "Zeebrugge Leopold II dam" Zeebrugge Leopold II dam
add "Zeebrugge Meteopark" Zeebrugge Meteopark
add "ZW-Akkaert" ZW-Akkaert
add "Average Waveperiod" Average Waveperiod
add "1% waveheight" 1% waveheight
add "Significant Waveheight" Significant Waveheight
add "Height Waves with period > 10 s" Height Waves with period > 10 s
add "10 % waveheight" 10 % waveheight
Tide, current and wind
add "Tide TAW" Tide TAW
add "current direction" current direction
add "Max Wind" Max Wind
add "current speed" current speed
add "Average Winddirection" Average Winddirection
add "Average Windspeed" Average Windspeed
add "Avg.  windspeed at 10 m" Avg. windspeed at 10 m
add "Max. windspeed at 10m" Max. windspeed at 10m
add "Wet bulb Temperature" Wet bulb Temperature
add "Sunradiation" Sunradiation
add "Groundtemperature" Groundtemperature
add "Airtemperature" Airtemperature
add "Seawater Temperature" Seawater Temperature
add "Relative Humidity" Relative Humidity
add "Airpressure" Airpressure
add "Precipation" Precipation

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